CAVE Academy at BFX Festival

The CAVE team had a busy weekend at the Bournemouth University BFX Festival running masterclasses on Concept Sculpting, Acting for Animators, the Asset Pipeline, Modelling Characters and Faces, and shooting HDRIs and Panoramas. Huge thanks to the amazing team of Madeleine Spencer, Ace Ruele and Christopher Antoniou for running the sessions and a huge shout out to the fantastic team at Clear Angle Studios for supporting us with camera kits and super detailed data sets. And thanks to Sofronis Efstathiou, Tracey Ricketts and Peter Truckel FHEA for inviting us down. Looking forward to 2020 😉

Ace Ruele working with the students on acting.

Madeleine Spencer teaching students how to create creature concept sculpts.

Christopher Antoniou running his workshop on creating digi-doubles.

Jahirul Amin running an onset data acquisition workshop.