CAVE 2020 Masterclasses Round-up

This year at CAVE Academy we intended to run 1 Masterclass a month, but 1 turned to 2 and sometimes 3 a month. We covered topics such as sculpting, real-time workflows and tools, virtual production, onset data acquisition and much more.

This could not have been possible without the incredible support of the CG and VFX community, so huge thanks to everyone who gave up their time to prep and deliver this series of amazing talks, and a double thanks to Visual Effects Society London for sponsoring the events.

We’ve got a whole bunch of talks planned for 2021, but if you missed any from 2020, you can catch them all here (scroll down on the page):

Thanks to Zeno Pelgrims, Mac Moore, Vimal Kerketta, Lee Danskin, David Conley, Gavin Graham, Jack Bosworth, Tom Spenceley, Madeleine Scott-Spencer, Luiz Elias, Ben Radcliffe, Chun Chun Yang, Jan Jinda , Ross Baxter, Hasraf ( HaZ) Dulull, Melinda Ozel, Jeremy Stapleton, Jason T. Morrow, Simon Frame, Cristian Stoica, Ace Ruele, Daniel Gilligan, Paul Hamblin, Saby Menyhei and Nicolas MOREL.