Monster Challenge

Our first Monster Challenge requires you to delve deep into the dark, look inside the closet, and into the shadows to come up with an amazing monster.

Entries due by
12.02.2020 - 10.03.2020
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CAVE Academy are very proud to collaborate with the amazing team at The Rookies to present to you our first challenge.

The challenge is now closed but you can check out the briefs and all the submissions here, and the winning entries below.

Chris Alford

United States

I would eventually like to be a character modeler in the video games industry or creating physical character model kits. I realized I wanted to work in the creative industry during my Junior year of highschool when I took my first 3D animation course.
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A.Murthada Fadli M


I want to expand my art experience and working with a great team in future, working on a big and awesome project. I was studying art from very beginning, when i was a kid, and i enjoying every single things when i make a new thing, and when i was in Junior highschool i started to make my own personal project, even its not good enough to see, but it makes my art experience developed. I have done a few project from industry, comic, illustration and character design for game projects and graphic novels when i'm in university. And i started to develop my art education and skill again to be a pro artist.
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