Asset Integration for VFX 1001

This term, we will be focussing on the shot side of things, where we'll explore onset data acquisition, camera and object tracking, roto, prep, matte painting, lighting, compositing and more.

Term schedule
09.01.2023 - 31.03.2023
Jahirul Amin

This term, we'll create a believable shot combining plate photography with VFX


This course covers Term Two for CG Essentials 2022. we will push our skills on the shot-side of things to design a photorealistic shot that combines miniature work, live action shoot photography, a digital set extension, and FX. All the elements will then be tracked and comped into the plate to create a believable and high-end result.

Throughout the term, you will learn to:

  • Capture onset data for the requirements of VFX
  • Process onset data within an ACEScg colour pipeline
  • Camera and object track
  • Clean up your plates using roto and prep techniques
  • Create FX elements to ground your CG asset into the shot
  • Light, render and comp the CG into the plate
  • Grade and edit your final shot
  • Get an understanding of industry trends such as Virtual Production

To strengthen the technical skills, we will underpin the teaching by exploring fundamental topics such as:

  • Cameras and lenses
  • Green v Blue screen
  • Physics for simulation
  • Using light to push emotion
  • Using techniques from the past in the present


Term Details

  • Type: Online
  • Level: Beginner
  • Duration: 12 weeks
  • Format: Online live lessons
  • Assignments: Weekly and 1 final
  • Tools: Maya, Arnold, Nuke, Resolve, Substance Painter, ZBrush, Houdini, PTGui, Unreal
  • Course Access Time: Lifetime

From onset to final grade, learn how to create a photorealistic shot

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Lessons in this course

  • Week 01. Cameras, Lenses and Lights | Shooting HDRIs and Panoramas

    We’ll kick off Term Two by taking a deep dive into a standard VFX camera kit before looking at how to go about capturing lighting reference and panoramas.
  • Week 02. Shoot Prep | Capturing Geometry and Texture Reference

    This week, we’ll look at everything we have to take into account when preparing for a VFX shoot and workflows for capturing geometry and texture reference.
  • Week 03. Shoot Day | Acquiring Shot VFX Reference

    It’s time to turn the lights on, get the cameras rolling and shout “Action”. This week, we’ll be capturing our shots and VFX reference.
  • Week 04. Invisible Arts | Roto, Prep and Matchmove

    In order to successfully incorporate CG elements into our shots, we need to ensure our plates are prepped and tracked. This week, we focus on making sure our plates are VFX-ready.
  • Week 05. Exploring our World | Environments

    This week, we’ll look at further pushing our environment by adding further 3D and 2.5D elements and incorporating them into our shot.
  • Week 06. A Brief History of Matte Painting | DMP

    This week, we’ll take a look at the history of Matte Painting and then work on creating our own background elements.
  • Week 07. Natural Phenomena | FX

    In order to sit our vehicle into the shot, let’s look at adding some FX elements.
  • Week 08. The Cinematic Look | Shot Lighting

    This week, we’ll take the lighting captured during the shoot and go about incorporating our asset realistically into the shot.
  • Week 09. Pulling a Shot Together | AOVs and Elements

    This week, our attention will turn to pulling all the layers together. We'll also break down all our AOVs and the elements for the comp.
  • Week 10. Reality in Art | Photoreal Compositing

    With our composite blocked out, let’s now look at pushing the comp to create the final result before heading over to Grading.
  • Week 11. Storytelling through Sound | Edit, Grade and Audio

    For our final week of the term, the focus will be solely on completing the VFX shot to a high-end industry standard.
  • Week 12. Networking and Career Planning | Final Dailies

    For our final week of the term, the focus will be solely on completing the VFX shot. We'll also look at developing your networking skills and thinking about the future.

Tutor: Jahirul Amin

VFX Trainer

Jahirul Amin is a Computer Animation and Visual Effects Trainer and Consultant. He specialises in designing and delivering courses to create solid and diverse production ready skills in all 3D related departments and across a number of facilities worldwide. His background in academia feeds into his ongoing connections with Universities and Colleges which provide Computer Animation and Visual Effects courses. He is also involved in course and examination design as well as lecturing, running workshops and mentoring.

This course is part of the CG Essentials 2022 Programme

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