Becoming a Creature 3001

Enhance your skills in creature/monster animation from learning how to be one.

Ace Ruele
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Embody the mind of a creature/monster

Ace Ruele is widely known for his work as an actor specialising in adopting creature and monster characters for film and video games. In this session, animators will be given a unique insight into the process of how Ace becomes a creature/monster. This will lead on to animators embodying these characters through role play in order to develop their knowledge of how to animate creatures and monsters.

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Course Details

  • Type: In-person
  • Level: Foundation
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Format: Live workshop

Understand creature behaviour and locomotion through role play

Lessons in this course

  • 01. Developing the Creature

    Understanding the 4 key elements that make up the creation of the personality and locomotion of a creature.
  • 02. Becoming The Creature

    A live demonstration of using the key elements and specific acting techniques in order to become the creature.
  • 03. Performance Props

    The advantages of using props and how to use them.
  • 04. Role Play

    Students must now develop and act out their own creatures.
  • 05. Recap & Q&A

    A review of the session and Q & A

Tutor: Ace Ruele

Actor/Mocap Performer

Inspired by actors such as Jim Carrey, Wesley Snipes and Andy Serkis, Ace Ruele is known for his animated and physically demanding acting abilities. From a young age, Ace was interested in becoming an action actor, but when he discovered motion and performance capture acting whilst working on the film The Legend of Tarzan, he instantly knew this was exactly what he wanted to do. Ace has now established his name as a motion and performance capture actor. He is one of the only BAME actors in the UK recognised in this field. His unorthodox creature performances have gained the respect of many who work within the VFX and CGI industry. A majority of Ace’s work has been in computer video games, including Planets of the Apes VR, The Inpatient and Daymare 1988. Ace also creates performance reference videos which are used by animators around the world for CGI characters.

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