CAVE Induction 1001

This induction course will get you up and running with our Courses, Dailies programme, Masterclasses, setting up your working environment, and submitting your work for review.

Jahirul Amin
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Lessons in this course

  • 01. Welcome to CAVE

    Our first lesson will give you a general overview of CAVE, what you'll find on your Dashboard, and modifying your account. We'll then look at what you'll be able to find at CAVE, including Courses, Dailies, Masterclasses, the Wiki and Challenges.
  • 02. Shotgun at CAVE

    Here we will guide you through the steps to setup your Shotgun account and tools, and also how to publish work and submit to dailies.
  • 03. Example lesson

    This example lesson is to give you a clear idea on what to expect from a CAVE course lesson. You can also follow the Assignment and submit a piece of work to Dailies to test your Shotgun account is up and running.

Tutor: Jahirul Amin

CAVE Academy Founder | VFX Teacher

Jahirul Amin is a Computer Animation and Visual Effects Teacher and Consultant. He specialises in designing and delivering courses to create solid and diverse production ready skills in all 3D related departments and across a number of facilities worldwide. His background in academia feeds into his ongoing connections with Universities and Colleges which provide Computer Animation and Visual Effects courses. He is also involved in course and examination design as well as lecturing, running workshops and mentoring.

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