Clear Angle Internship 1001

If you are a fan of working onset, cameras, lenses, scanning, films, VFX and games, then this is the 4-week internship for you.

Jahirul Amin
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Learn the tools and processes to capture onset reference


This course, brought to you in collaboration with Clear Angle Studios, Rebellion Film Studios, Wrangl VFX and Camberwell Studios will give you the skills to acquire industry-standard data for Visual Effects, Feature Animation and Games. This course focuses on the process and workflows to capture onset reference, such as capturing HDRIs and photogrammetry to shooting lens grid shoots and data wrangling, for the purposes of recreating believable digital assets and environments.

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Course details

Weekly lesson release: Tuesday, 10:00 BST

Weekly assignment deadline:  Sunday, 21:00 BST

Live feedback session: Monday, 18:00 BST

CAVE camera kit overview

Throughout the course, I’ll be using the following kit. By no means do you need to have the exact kit as listed below but ideally, you would have something similar to run through the lessons and the exercises.

A quick note regarding the Theta. It gives okay results but I do find it a bit painful to work with and the overall quality is not as good as a full frame camera. I find it takes longer to shoot a HDRI, has less F-Stop options, and you can only shoot 360s, so its usage is limited. Saying that, it is extremely useful to have onset for taking additional visual reference. With a full frame point and click (and it does not have to be a Canon), you have more flexibility to shoot textures, panoramas, look dev ref, etc.


The focus of this course is not to demonstrate how to process the data, however, we recommend at every stage to test the data you capture to ensure it is pipeline friendly. We’ll be demoing this in some sections of the course and here are some applications we’ll be using:

Course Details

  • Type: Online
  • Level: Beginner
  • Duration: 10 lessons
  • Format: Pre-recorded videos and weekly live sessions
  • Tools: VFX Camera Kit

Practical training for capturing industry-standard data

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