Creating a Real-Time Configurator 2001

This online course will teach you how to create a real-time configurator using the Unreal Engine.

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Paul Eliasz
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Learn how to create a real-time configurator using the power of the Unreal Engine

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What you’ll learn

  • Type: Online
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Duration: 06 weeks
  • Format: Pre-recorded videos and weekly live sessions
  • Assignments: Weekly
  • Tools: Unreal Engine
  • Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of Unreal Engine
  • Course Access Time: Lifetime

Step into the world of real-time configurators with the Unreal Engine

Lessons in this course

  • 01. Prepping your asset for the configurator

  • 02. Introduction to Blueprints

  • 03. Creating material switches

  • 04. Creating geometry switches

  • 05. Setting the environment switches

  • 06. Testing and packaging up your configurator

Tutor: Paul Eliasz

Real-Time Specialist

Paul is a professionally driven and determined visual designer and director in Real-Time CGI, Virtual Production, VR and AR industries. He has a vast experience in designing content and application for various projects, including using Rift and Vive, and for augmented reality platforms including Android and Microsoft Hololens. He is currently working on creating high-end realism through Real-Time CGI for the AEC, automotive and architecture industry.

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