VFX Production 1001

This course will introduce you to what it takes to be a VFX Producer, from coordinating to managing projects.

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Jenny Basen
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Improve your understanding of VFX Production to help artists achieve their briefs


This course will cover how Production fits into the world of VFX and how to manage such projects. We’ll start by giving an overview of a typical VFX pipeline and see how data is passed from one stage to the next. Following on from this, we’ll introduce you to Shotgun (an industry standard project management software) and see how it is used on a daily basis for tracking VFX projects.

By the end of the course, you will be more confident with the tools and familiar with the processes of coordinating a project.

Course Details

  • Type: On-demand
  • Level: Beginner
  • Lessons: 4
  • Duration: TBA
  • Format: Video on-demand
  • Assignments: 4
  • Tools: ShotGrid
  • Course Access Time: Lifetime

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Lessons in this course

  • 01. VFX Pipeline for Production

    In this lesson, we'll dissect the VFX Pipeline and take a look at how Production fits into the creation of a project.
  • 02. Breaking down a script for VFX

    The first task of any VFX production is to take the script and break it down to figure out what the requirements are for the project. This round-table discussion will explore that process and the considerations you should bear in mind when VFX is required.
  • 03. Creating Assets and Shots in Shotgun

    Now that we've assessed the requirements for the project, we'll jump into Shotgun and cover the process of creating asset and shot stems. We'll also cover the process of importing bids and creating tasks, scheduling shots and assets, and creating milestone reports.
  • 04. Reviewing the Project Setup

    With our assets and shots created in Shotgun, for our final lesson, we'll review the project setup and consider the pitfalls that can arise during the production of a project.

Tutor: Jenny Basen

Executive Producer

Jenny Basen is a Executive Producer with over 17 years experience in VFX and animated feature production management. She is currently Executive Producer at Untold Studios and has previously worked for multi-award winning studios such as Framestore, DNEG, Animal Logic and Dr. D Studios.


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