Onset Data Acquisition Short Courses Now Available

We now have 2 short on-demand courses focussing on Onset Data Acquisition available. If you would like to learn about cameras and lenses, F-Stop, ISO, shutter speed, shooting your own HDRIs and panoramas, make sure to check them out:

Introduction to Cameras and Lenses

This course will give you a detailed overview of how to use cameras and lenses.

The course kicks off with an overview of what’s in a standard VFX camera kit before diving in and getting hands-on with the Canon 5Ds and a series of lenses commonly used in data capture. We’ll cover the fundamentals of shooting in manual mode using shutter speed, F-Stop and ISO, the exposure triangle, shooting multi-bracketed shots, the effects of distortion, and some useful apps that you may want to keep on your device.

Shooting HDRIs and Panoramas

This course, brought to you in collaboration will cover the process of shooting HDRIs with a full-frame Canon camera, a fisheye lens and a Ninja Nodal for the purposes of lighting. Following on from shooting HDRIs, we’ll focus on using similar techniques to capture panoramas for the use of texturing, camera projections and digital matte painting.