CAVE CG Animation ACES OCIO Config

For CAVE CG Animation projects, we’ll be implementing an ACES colour pipeline. This is to ensure we work consistently across projects for all things colour related, and so that we have a larger gamut of colour to play with.

At CAVE, our colour team have put together a modified version of what you’d typically find online. This is a simplified config to create less confusion when setting things up, and has been tailored for better results when displaying content on sRGB monitors for output.

There are two colorspaces in this config:

  • Utility – sRGB – Texture: which is the sRGB Gamma curve and the sRGB primaries (so normal sRGB)
  • Utility – Curve – sRGB: which is the sRGB Gamma curve but uses ACES2065-1 primaries (AP0)

The first space (Utility – sRGB – Texture) will match most normal texture uses (hence the name) and will make interchange between apps such sa Substance Painter/Mari simpler. The latter (Utility – Curve – sRGB) uses the sRGB gamma curve but uses wide gamut primaries, and would make interchange with Substance Painter/Mari more complicated. For most cases, we should be able to stick with: Utility – sRGB – Texture

For more information on the config and on how to set things up in Maya and Nuke (with more apps coming soon), check out this page:

Provided with the download is also a Maya 2020 project that contains a grey ball, chrome ball and a textured Macbeth chart.


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