Digi Double Base Mesh

From £20.00


CAVE Academy are happy to present our female and male digi double base models.

Modelled by Christopher Antoniou, the models comes with multiple LODs and is suitable for rigging and animation. A series of UVs suitable to hold up to medium and close up shots, along with rigging and groom UVs have also been provided.

The download also comes provided with a scan of Jahirul Amin captured at Clear Angle Studios, and you can also find a walkthrough here on how to create a digi-double model using the dataset: Modelling-a Digi-Double

File Format: ma (2020+), FBX, Alembix, USD



All downloads come with a scan of Jahirul Amin captured at Clear Angle Studios. that you can use for training.

For more information on how we handle LODs at CAVE, check out this page: Asset LODs


CAVE are more than happy for you to use this product for both personal (includes educational) or commercial projects, and you may remix, adapt, and build upon the material in any medium or format. If you do use the product in any shape or form, it would be great to check out the renders or whatever else you do with the product, and be credited where possible 😉

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Female: Personal, Female: Commercial, Male: Personal, Male: Commercial, Female/Male: Personal, Female/Male: Commercial