HDRI Light Set 1002

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This is a set of 2 HDRIs captured from real-world ARRI lights (1K and 2K bulbs) that you can use as textured light sources in your CG scenes. The images come as 32bit ACEScg exr (4096 x 4096) files and should be suitable for all renderers. Just attach them to an area light, a mesh light or to an emissive shader, and hit render.

Provided with the download is also a mid-resolution modelled set of lights that you can use in your scenes for more believable renders. You can also use the barn doors as a way of controlling the light.

File Format: exr (ACEScg), ma (2020+), FBX, Alembic



The HDRIs have configured to work best within an ACEScg pipeline.


Please note, the Grey and Chrome balls have not been provided with the lights. You can grab them for free here:


CAVE are more than happy for you to use this product for both personal or commercial projects, and you may remix, adapt, and build upon the material in any medium or format, but you cannot resell or share the assets. If you do use the product in any shape or form, it would be great to check out the renders or whatever else you do with the product, and be credited where possible

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