RAW HDRI Test Data 1002


Here is the RAW data (CR2) for a 360 panoramic HDRI shot with a Canon 5DS, 8mm fisheye lens and a Ninja Nodal. For this shoot, 4 positions were captured every 90 degrees and from above and below, along with a grey ball, chrome ball and a Macbeth chart for colour accuracy. You can use this data to set up your own colour pipeline and workflow for processing HDRIs. We are documenting our workflow here (which is still a WIP):

The data set was captured at Southsea Castle one sunny afternoon. For each position, 7 brackets were taken at 2 stops apart. The images are 5792 x 8688 in size. It is a chunky dataset (around 3gigs) so give it time to download.

File Format: CR2

Please note the stitched file below is just for demonstration and has not been provided as part of the dataset.


CAVE are more than happy for you to use this product for both personal or commercial (this includes training) projects, and you may remix, adapt, and build upon the material in any medium or format, but you cannot resell or share the assets. If you do use the product in any shape or form, it would be great to check out the renders or whatever else you do with the product, and be credited where possible.

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