Standard Sphere Kit (Pro Level) Japan



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Our entry level standard kit comes with 20cm grey and chrome balls suitable for anything the onset world throws at you. Gloss or matte finishes available for the carbon fibre handles. Modular components built to work with standard camera fixings. CNC Aluminium parts machined with 3/4” threads. Magnetic mount for quickly mounting colour calibration charts securely. Padded kit bag with dividers for keeping the kit protected and protective sphere bags.

Pro Level Kit

Our pro level kit is perfect for professionals. To get these balls super smooth and seam-free takes time and therefore, we require a minimum of 30 days to prepare the kit. If you are looking for a more basic kit and are not concerned with a seam, and some minor warping, then we recommend our entry level kit.

Included with the kit

  • 20cm chrome sphere with 3/8”mount
  • 20cm 18% neutral grey sphere with 3/8”mount
  • 2 x carbon fibre handles with 3/8” thread (available in both gloss and matte finishes)
  • Aluminium barbell adaptor for mobile rig
  • Aluminium rail with 3 x additional attachment threads and 2 x handle fixing points
  • 2 x aluminium handle mounting screws
  • Magnetic mount for colour calibration chart and other attachments
  • Magic arm for attaching magnetic mount to handle
  • Magic arm for barbell adaptor
  • Adhesive magnetic disks
  • Thread adaptor kit
  • Padded kit bag with shoulder strap

Why not make your own kit?

A very good question. We get asked this a lot and if we had to sum it up, it would be because what seems like a quick and easy job (i.e. take some garden balls, paint them and then pop them onto a couple of handles), turns out to be niether.

To create such a kit firstly involves getting high-quality balls, painting them with a custom 18% grey and then sanding them down for a smooth finish. You’ll then need to create custom CNC fixings, carbon handles and following on from this, a custom barbell CNC adaptor. Once you’ve designed your custom CNC fixings, you’ll also need to have them physically manafactured. Without these fixings, you won’t be able to mount the balls without damaging them. And lastly, you’ll need to create a custom designed rail to mount the handles to.

At CAVE, we’ve tailor made and designed our kits, so they are extremely sturdy and easy to work with. And we should also mention that we’ve got rid of the annoying rattle that you’ll find with some kits. Through trial and error, we’ve gone through the pain to ensure that the kit we provide ticks all the right boxes.


The assembled kit has 3 spare threads for mounting additional kit such as colour calibration charts and slates. These can be used with the thread adaptor kit to attach the magnetic mount and most other standard camera components. Small magnetic disks are provided with each kit and needs to be added to the items so that they can easily attach to the rig.

The rail can be mounted directly to a tripod or light stand with 3/4” thread. Alternatively the groove on the rail allows it to be mounted on to an Arca quick release and some standard tripod heads.

To build the barbell rig, simply attach both handles to the adapter so that the spheres are at opposite ends. The magic arm can be fixed to the handle for connecting the magnetic  mount. The magnetic mount can be attached directly to the 1/4” thread on the magic arm or by using the thread adjustment kit. A colour calibration chart can now be quickly attached and detached via the magnetic mount.

Please note – Macbeth charts and tripods are not included with the kit

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