Artistic Anatomy

Guest Speaker: Rey Bustos

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11.10.2021, at 18:00 GMT
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For this webinar, we are extremely excited to have Artistic Anatomy Professor, Rey Bustos, join us to discuss the topic of anatomy, and its importance for creating believable and solid characters, whether 2D or 3D. Through a series of anatomy drawovers and sketches, Rey will give you an understanding of where to draw your lines and why.


Rey Bustos

Rey has taught figure drawing and artistic anatomy since 1990. He has a fantastic book on the topic, “Rey’s Anatomy: Figurative Art Lessons from the Classroom“.

As an educator, Rey has worked hard to make his passion for anatomy more accessible to more students and professionals seeking a more interactive mode of studying or using anatomical reference.

For more information on Rey and his portfolio and teaching, please visit his website here:

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