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IO Directory

Here you will find information on where we store data that comes into the project (for example onset data), and data we send back to the client.

The /IO directory is where we will maintain all incoming and outgoingĀ data. This being data that we ingest (incoming) or send to the client for review and sign off (outgoing).

Please note that outgoing should NOT include data that we are reviewing internally. For example, if the Modelling supervisor is reviewing a model turntable, the movie file should not be placed in the outgoing directory. If however, the client is reveiwing the model turntable, this movie should be in the outgoing directory. The Production team will be handling how data is reviewed by clients, so for artists, you should not need to worry about this.

Incoming/Outgoing Data

The following image gives a breakdown of where incoming and outgoing data should be stored within a project, and here are a few notes:

  • As data is ingested or outgested (not sure if that is the right word) , a dated folder should be created for that day and named using the following convention: YYYYMMDD
    • For example: 20201118
  • Within the dated folder, you can create sub-folders for the data.
    • For incoming data, we would like you to maintain the original folder name when saving from the memory card but please add a short description on the end. For example:
      • 1O1CANON_studio_lookdev_hdri_ref
      • 102CANON_asset_yuki_texture_ref
      • 103_CANON_asset_yuki_model_ref
    • For outgoing data, we recommend creating sub-folders based on the asset or shot. For example:
      • asset_character_yuki
      • sequence_nsb_nsb010

Later on, we’ll look at creating a tighter set of guidelines for how we handle incoming and outgoing data. For now, we’ll keep it a little loose and wild.

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