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Project Directory

This page will give you a run-down of the top-level project directory and the sub-folders within.

All projects will live under the following directory path: …/caveAcademy/project/

For example:

  • …/caveAcademy/project/EOT/
  • …/caveAcademy/project/OWT/

Each project will contain the following top level folders to ensure referencing of data is easily maintained and managed throughout the project:

  • asset: this directory will hold all asset related data (models, textures, rigs, etc.)
  • development: for story scripts, visual development, dtoryboards and animatics. Please note, this is not for RnD development.
  • general: for general and shared data, such as logos.
  • IO: for all incoming data (client, onset, etc.) and outgoing data (data to be presented back to the client)
  • pipeline: for tool scripts, colour info, pipeline tools, etc. Everything to keep the projects running in order.
  • rnd: for any development work and testing.
  • sequence: this directory will hold all sequence and shot related data (cameratracks, layout, animation, lighting, etc.). If episodes are required,  please see diagram 2 below for a breakdown on how they should be managed.

TV/Episode Directory

If you are working on a TV show or anything that is episodic, then the addition of an /episode/<episodeName>/ directory should be added before the sequence. For example:




Moving On

  • Asset Directory: Here you will find information on where we store asset data, both published and wip files.

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