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What is CAVE Bootcamp?

In this doc, we will cover what the Bootcamp is and why you should tag along.

What is CAVE Bootcamp?

CAVE Bootcamp is our approach to running live and interactive courses for the creative industry. Rather than running a series of random sessions where you jump from one topic to another (for example, week 1 is a session on Modelling and week 2 is a session on Editing), here we’ll be running a series of lessons in blocks that equate to 8 – 12 week courses. For example, we’ll be kicking things off with a 12 week Bootcamp on the topic of Art and Critical Thinking with Paul Mellender. We’ll then be following up with this with an 8 week Bootcamp on Modelling Characters.

The important aspect of the Bootcamp is being able to interact with the tutor as that is where the learning happens! You’ll be able to ask questions, witness all the thought patterns and problem solving that takes place during the creation of both traditional and digital art.

If you cannot make the live sessions, we’ll be recording the sessions, so you’ll be able to catch them in your own time, or refer back to them if you wish to do so.

What will I learn during the Bootcamp?

During the CAVE Bootcamp, we’ll be covering all aspects of the creative industry from Concept Art, Asset Creation, tackling Shots, and also topics such as Project Management, Supervision and Art History.

We’ll be making the schedule avaiable for review beforehand, and if there is a series of sessions that you feel would be beneficial, you’ll be able to have your say to what we plan. For more details on our 2021 schedule, check out this page here:

When do the sessions run?

Each week, we’ll be running 2 sessions for the Bootcamp:

  1. On Tuesdays, between 6 and 8pm BST, we’ll be running a live and interactive lesson
  2. On Fridays, between 6 and 8pm BST, we’ll be running a review/Q&A session

The Tuesday session will be where the tutor will deliver the lesson of the week. During this session, you’ll be able to ask questions during the intervals and each week, we’ll be providing resources and setting a task, so you can apply what you have learnt into practice.

During the Friday session, we’ll be reviewing your work and holding a further Q&A.

If I submit my work, will it definitely get reviewed?

Depending on the number of submissions to each session, there could be a possibility that we don’t manage to work through everyones work. For each feedback sesssion, we estimate that we’ll be able to get through 5 to 10 submissions, and although your work may not always be under discussion, the notes given to your peers will be of direct, very real value for all students.

How do I sign up?

You can sign up easily by subscribing to this page: CAVE Bootcamp


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