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Handling WIP, Version and Published Files in Modelling

In this doc, we'll take a look at how we'll be handling WIP, Version and Published files within the Modelling department.


Here, we will break down the 3 main directories you’ll be in and out of. Right now, things are manual and in production, you’d have fancy tools to manage all this. But it is good to know what kind of happens behing the scenes ๐Ÿ˜‰

Now do remember, every studio will work differently, so this is how we are simply handling things at CAVE.

Make sure to also check out this doc on Production Statuses, so you get an idea of how the data will flow into reviews and back out again:

  • Production Statuses – In this document, we’ll look at how an element will flow through the pipeline and the statuses we’ll attach onto the element.

WIP, Version and Published Files Overview

Managing your WIP Files

Managing your Version Files

Managing your Published Files

Further Reading

  • CAVE Model Scale and World Coordinates – This document will cover the default SITE model scale and world coordinates we work to at CAVE, and how we go about setting model scale per project.

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