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Introduction to the Modelling Pipeline

We'll kick things off with a general overview of handling a project at CAVE, including show code and how we'll generally be handling projects.


This document will primarily take your through the top-level project directories we’ll be using for asset creation. For more info on dealing with data at CAVE, please check out the following links:

  • VFX Project File Structure – This following docs will break down the project folder structure we are adhering to at CAVE Academy for VFX-based projects.

Modelling Department Induction

Kicking thiings off, we’ll first explore where you’ll find useful information when it comes to your assets, show codes, render resolution and so on.

CAVE Project Directory Structure

This walkthrough will give you a run-down of the top-level project directory and how modelling will use the setup.

Asset Folder Structure Directory

Here we’ll take a deeper dive into the Asset directory, which is where we’ll primarily be working when it comes to Modelling.

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