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Preparing your Scene for VFX Modelling

Here we will turn our attention to ingesting our provided scan data, prepping the data and then setting up our modelling scene.



In this doc, we’ll look at how to go about ingesting scan data from the /IO, prepping the data for modelling, and then lastly, setting up your Maya scene for pushing points about.

Ingesting Scan Data for Modelling

This video will take you through the steps of ingesting your scan data, which in this example, has been kindly scanned and processed by the wonderful folk at Clear Angle Studios.

Prepping your Scan Data for Modelling

With the data ingested, let’s make some tweaks, so we can work with the data in Modelling. This includes quickly grading some images, setting things to work with our SITE scale and locking down parameters, so cameras and the scan are fixed. We’ll also look at adding further detail using the provided scan displacement map.

Prepping your Modelling Scene

Now that we have the scan data prepped, we’ll set up our Maya scene, so it is ready for a modelling artist to pick up.

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