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Asset Bidding

In this document, we'll cover the asset bidding process and the CAVE Asset Bidding Template.


If you are looking to make any tweaks, you can download a zip file containing the templates here:

Asset Bidding Template Overview

In this video, we’ll give you a rundown of the CAVE Asset Bidding Template


  • Asset Bidding Workflow
  • Breaking down a Script for Assets
  • Submitting a Bid for Review
  • Creating Assets in ShotGrid

Further Reading

  • Breaking Down a Script for VFX – The first task of any VFX production is to take the script and break it down to figure out what the requirements are for the project. Can elements be shot in-camera? Would a virtual production stage be required? Green screen? Digi-doubles? Creatures? What is the budget for the project? and so on.

The Connection Programme

If you are a fan of mixing science with art, or maths with creative thinking, then join our Connection Programme, where we’ll be exploring VFX, animation and games from the core fundamentals:

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