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Prop: Kodak Box Brownie

Asset information for the prop, Kodak Box Brownie.

Asset requirements

Client Asset NameKodak Box Brownie
CAVE Asset NamekodakBoxBrownie
DescriptionThis will be a hero asset and will be need to be suitable for extreme close up shots.
Asset Typeprop
Asset Path…/asset/prp/kodakBoxBrownie/
Asset Stage RequirementsModel, Texture, Look Development
Base Meshn/a
LOD Requirementstbc
Build for DeformationYes
Build for SimulationNo
Build for DestructionYes
Costume Requirementsn/a
Damage Statesn/a
Scan DataYes
Scan Path.../published/sho/dtp/tbc/
Model Maya Viewport Scene.../tbc

Model Maya Render Scene.../tbc

Model Nuke Contact Sheet.../tbc

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