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Character: Yuki

Asset information for the character, Yuki.

Project: EOT

Client asset name: Yuki

CAVE asset name: yuki

Description: This will be a hero asset and will be need to be suitable for extreme close up shots and will require a number of minor damage states. The character will be based off a real-world actress, Yumiko Scintu, who we will be creating a costume for and 3d scanning.

Asset type: character

Asset path: …/EOT/asset/character/yuki

Asset Stage Requirements: Model, Texture, Look Development, Groom, Rigging (Anim, Mocap), Tech Rigging (Costume, Hair, Muscle)

Base Mesh: Please use the caveWoman base mesh and maintain topology and UVs

LOD Requirements: 0, 1, 2, 3

Build for Deformation: Yes

Build for Simulation: Yes

Build for Destruction: No

Costume Requirements: Ninja Suit and weapons

Damage States: Yes – more info coming soon

Measurements: Height – 178cm ????

Scan Data: …/EOT/asset/character/yuki/…more info coming soon

Model Reference: …/EOT/asset/character/yuki/…more info coming soon

Texture Reference: …/EOT/asset/character/yuki/…more info coming soon

Look Dev Reference: …/EOT/asset/character/yuki/…more info coming soon

Rigging Reference: …/EOT/asset/character/yuki/…more info coming soon

Asset Render Scene: …/EOT/asset/character/yuki/…more info coming soon

Contact Sheet Reference: …/EOT/asset/character/yuki/…more info coming soon

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