At CAVE Academy, we recognise that excellence in the field of VFX, animation and games is not defined purely by software proficiency but also by real-world observation and problem-solving skills, by a balance of the creative and the technical.

We provide individual courses, structured programmes, challenges, Dailies and Webinars to help develop versatile production-ready skills and critical thinking for the creative industries.

In order to ensure that our training is totally up to date and of the highest calibre, we are extremely proud to work closely with prestigious industry partners such as ARRI, Autodesk, Clear Angle Studios, DNEG, Epic, Framestore, Foundry, Pixologic, RED and the VES London.

We offer speciality online and in-person training courses for studios, schools, and events. We have had the privilege to teach at the following centres of excellence: Bournemouth University, DNEG, Filmakademie, The Animation Workshop, Framestore, NextGen and Norwich University.

For more information on the courses we offer, please get in touch and you can find out more about our amazing teaching team here.