CAVE is very proud to be working with an exceptional team of industry-active experts. Each member of our team possesses the enviable combination of expertise in their field and the ability to share their knowledge in a way which both educates and inspires. They are artists and communicators with experience in some of the most impressive and award-winning VFX and games projects of the past 20 years.

Meet the Crew

Ace Ruele

Actor/Mocap Performer

Anthony Chadwick

Surfacing Supervisor

Benjamin Radcliffe

Unity Media and Entertainment Technical Specialist

Christopher Antoniou

Head of Assets

Daniel Gilligan

VFX Shoot Supervisor

David Baylis

Automotive Rendering Specialist

Ian Murphy

Compositing Supervisor

Jahirul Amin

VFX Trainer

Jan Jinda

Asset Generalist

Jarrod Anderson

Creature FX Supervisor

Jessica Millar

Lighting Supervisor

Joe Lloyd Pack

Head of Production

Jonathan Reilly

Character Art Director

Melinda Ozel

Expression Scientist

Michael Morgan

Animation Supervisor

Naoko Scintu

Makeup Artist

Pat Imrie

Senior VFX Artist

Paul Eliasz

Real-Time Specialist

Paul Mellender

Artist...and that should be enough, wouldn't you agree?

Polly Laurence

Costume Designer

Robin Konieczny

Concept and Environment Supervisor

Saby Menyhei

Concept and Environment Artist

Stefan Mayr

Surfacing Artist

Tim D Jones

Surfacing Supervisor