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Documentation on workflows, pipeline and tools

New Starters

Welcome to CAVE Academy. If you are a new team member or student, you are in the right place. Working through these docs will help you get up and running with our Courses, Dailies programme, Masterclasses, setting up your working environment, and submitting your work for review.

  • This set of docs will go through how to sign up to our courses, and what to expect when enrolled on a course.
  • This set of docs will go through how our Dailies programme works.
  • This doc will go through the steps to sign up to our FREE online Masterclasses, held in collaboration with the VES.
  • A bit of information about the CAVE Wiki from what it is to what we hope it will become.
  • Our project-based training programmes allow you to take an asset or a shot through a number of different pipeline stages. This allows you to fully understand the life-cycle of an asset/shot and the artistic and technical steps to go from initial concept to final render.
  • Here you will find a set of docs to take you through the steps to setup your Shotgun account and tools, and also how to publish work and submit to dailies.

CAVE Projects

Welcome to the CAVE Projects homepage!

  • Welcome to the Edge of Tokyo project. Here you will find documentation on assets, sequences and shots for the show.
  • Our project for all standalone courses.
  • Welcome to the One Way Ticket project. Here you will find documentation on assets, sequences and shots for the show.


Documentation on project file structures, naming conventions, and general training bits and bobs.


Documentation on capturing and processing onset data, shooting plates and managing shoots.

  • Documentation on capturing onset data, including panoramas, HDRIs, textures and photogrammetry.
  • Documentation on capturing motion performance.
  • Information on processing onset data to create usable HDRIs, panoramas, etc.

Post-Production: Assets

  • This set of docs will cover the general information on how we create assets, including how we handle LODs, naming conventions, asset hierarchies, and more.
  • All things model and sculpt related, including UVs.
  • Documentation on how we approach Texture, Look Development and Groom related tasks.
  • Documentation on creating animation and mocap rigs.

Post-Production: Sequences

  • Information on animation and all things motion related.
  • How we tackle lighting for VFX, CG and games based projects.


Documentation on the CAVE VFX, CG Animation and Games pipelines.

  • The documentation here will cover how we push VFX projects through the pipeline.
  • The documentation here will cover how we push full CG Animation projects through the pipeline.


Documentation on tools and workflows in development or testing.

Protected: Staff Zone

Protected: 3DSUG Hub

Welcome to the Information Hub for the 3D Scanning Users Group.

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