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The arcs of Harold Eugene “Doc” Edgerton

Posted on 28.06.2020

In animation, you'll here the words "check your arcs" often. Let's take a look at the works of Papa Flash to see how arcs play a pivotal part in movement.

Multi HDRI Projection

Posted on 24.06.2020

Here is a fantastic tool by Bhavesh Badhkar for projecting multiple HDRIs onto geometry.

“Every light has its own personality”

Posted on 06.06.2020

...and in the words of Jules: “Personality goes a long way”.

Welcome to CAVE Academy!

Posted on 01.05.2020

Hello and a very warm welcome to CAVE Academy.

Onset Training in Jakarta

Posted on 28.02.2020

CAVE Academy were recently invited to visit Lumine Studios in Jakarta, Indonesia to run the Onset Data Acquisition Course.

Monster Challenge Winners

Posted on 27.02.2020

The winners have been announced for the Monster Challenge. Check them out here.

CAVE Academy at BFX Festival

Posted on 25.01.2020

Recent updates here at CAVE Academy for January 2020.

Observation. Analysis. Practice

Posted on 25.10.2019