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New Maya Material Development Lighting Rig 1003

Posted on 24.02.2024

Now available in the CAVE Academy Shop is our new material development lighting rig.

New Maya 360 Look Dev and Lighting Rig 1003

Posted on 03.02.2024

Now available in the CAVE Academy Shop is our new 360 look development and lighting rig.

CAVE Takeover – Yadnyesh Dalvi

Posted on 19.01.2024

Artist takeovers are back at CAVE Academy and we feel extremely privileged to be able to share the work of immensely talented Yadnyesh Dalvi.

CAVE Artist Showreel 2023

Posted on 22.12.2023

As we come to the end of 2023, we'd like to give a huge thanks to all the artists, educational institutes and studios who have supported CAVE Academy by using our training content and resources as part of their projects.

New Course – Introduction to Maya

Posted on 07.12.2023

If you are looking to pick up Maya, then check out our new course that will teach you the fundamentals of using this powerful 3D application.

CAVE Academy at BFX 2023

Posted on 28.10.2023

CAVE Academy are excited to be heading back to BFX this year, hosted by Bournemouth University.

London ACM SIGGRAPH Rainbow Conference

Posted on 04.09.2023

A huge thanks to the team at London ACM SIGGRAPH for inviting CAVE Academy to deliver a keynote and workshop for their recent Rainbow Conference.

CAVE Academy at 3DLondon

Posted on 15.08.2023

CAVE Academy were recently invited to deliver a short session for 3DLondon on 'Digitising Real-World Lighting'.

HDRI Studio Set 1003

Posted on 27.07.2023

Now available in the CAVE Academy Shop is our new studio HDRI light set.

CAVE Academy at the Rainbow Conference

Posted on 12.07.2023

CAVE Academy is very happy to be part of the London ACM SIGGRAPH Rainbow Convention this August.

Studio, Character and Prop Light Rig 1003

Posted on 15.06.2023

Now available in the CAVE Academy Shop is our new look development and lighting rigs for characters and props.

Studio lighting setup in MtoA

Posted on 01.06.2023

From the wonderful folk at Autodesk, this tutorial covers how to use a studio lighting setup from CAVE Academy in MtoA to light a model.

Art and AI

Posted on 11.05.2023

CAVE Academy are happy to be supporting the wonderful folk at VES London this May (25th) for their next social event.

HFF x CAVE Academy

Posted on 07.04.2023

We are happy to have the Hochschule für Fernsehen und Film München (HFF München) join the CAVE Academy Academic Partnership programme.

CAVE Academy at FMX 2023

Posted on 04.04.2023

Breaking Boundaries in VFX Education: Expanding Horizons through Online Learning

Shooting HDRIs for VFX

Posted on 10.03.2023

We'll be back at Cinesite with special guest CineArk, supporting VES London on the 30th of March, between 6:30 - 9:30pm

Congratulations to the Students of Filmakademie

Posted on 28.02.2023

Winners of the Visual Effects Society Award for 'Outstanding Visual Effects in a Student Project'

Turkey-Syria Earthquake Appeal

Posted on 11.02.2023

ALL purchases from all products from the CAVE Shop will go directly to the Disasters Emergency Committee Turkey-Syria Earthquake Appeal.

CAVE Programmes 2023

Posted on 16.01.2023

Looking for live and online structured training? Check out our programmes for 2023 here.

Playing with Polarisation

Posted on 11.01.2023

We'll be at Cinesite supporting VES London on the 26th of January, between 6:30 - 9:30pm

Happy New Year

Posted on 03.01.2023

Happy 2023! New year, new plans, new aims, right?

Happy Holidays

Posted on 24.12.2022

Wishing you all a Happy Festive Season and thank you for your support.

Autodesk x CAVE Academy

Posted on 09.12.2022

CAVE Academy is extremely happy to announce that we'll be collaborating with the team at Autodesk on some upcoming training content.

CAVE Academy at BFX

Posted on 09.11.2022

CAVE Academy are delighted to be back supporting the BFX Festival this year.

Happy Halloween!

Posted on 31.10.2022

Enjoy Halloween with some Real-Time Automotive Rendering

CAVE Academy at Filmakademie

Posted on 10.10.2022

We recently ran an Onset Data Acquisition course for the fantastic students of Animation Institut at Filmakademie.

Supporting the NSPCC

Posted on 30.08.2022

This year, CAVE Academy will running the Great South Run to raise money for the NSPCC.

HDR Light Set 1003

Posted on 19.08.2022

New HDR textures for your digital lights now available!

Onset Training for NextGen Skills Academy – London

Posted on 20.07.2022

CAVE Academy recently ran an Onset Data Acquisition course for the folks at NextGen Skills Academy and the surrounding colleges in London.

CAVE Academy at FMX 2022

Posted on 11.05.2022

Let's Talk about Mental Health and Wellbeing in Creative Industries, Directing Game Cinematics

Onset Training at NFTS

Posted on 18.04.2022

CAVE Academy recently ran a series of Onset Data Acquisition sessions for the DFX students at the NFTS.

HDRI Lighting Training at Union VFX

Posted on 04.04.2022

CAVE Academy recently ran a HDRI lighting workshop for the team at Union Visual Effects.

How to Navigate Your Way Through the Big VFX Boom!

Posted on 20.03.2022

CAVE Academy at Spark FX 2022

CAVE Academy at BlueBolt

Posted on 23.02.2022

Onset Data Acquisition Training

CAVE Dailies is Back!

Posted on 01.02.2022

Have your work reviewed by industry professionals!

CAVE Academy at Union VFX

Posted on 30.11.2021

Onset Data Acquisition Training

CAVE Academy at CGA Belgrade 2021

Posted on 17.11.2021

CAVE Academy will be back at CGA Belgrade this November, where we'll be running a panel talk on the topic of 'Evolving your Skills'.

CAVE Academy at BFX 2021

Posted on 12.10.2021

CAVE Academy will be back at BFX this November where we'll be running a series of Masterclasses.

Onset Data Acquisition Course Now Available On-Demand

Posted on 16.09.2021

Many people have got in touch to ask if we can release our onset training in full and as an on-demand course, so here it is 😉

RAW HDRI Test Data Now Available for FREE

Posted on 07.08.2021

If you are looking for RAW HDRI data to play with, you are in luck 😉

Artist of the Month: Jordi Cortés

Posted on 03.08.2021

August 2021

CAVE Academy Studio Space WIP 1001

Posted on 02.08.2021

Our first studio space is slowly coming together.

Onset Data Acquisition Short Courses Now Available

Posted on 13.07.2021

Introduction to Cameras and Lenses, and Shooting HDRIs and Panoramas.

Artist of the Month: Craig Harrison

Posted on 06.07.2021

July 2021

Congratulations to our new interns

Posted on 03.07.2021

CAVE Academy are happy to announce our interns for the Clear Angle Studios Internship.

CAVE Bootcamp

Posted on 26.06.2021

Launching July 2021

Modelling a Digi Double Webinar

Posted on 08.06.2021

With Christopher Antoniou of ILM

Artist of the Month: Paulina Leonarda Rybakaitė

Posted on 02.06.2021

June 2021

CAVE Internships Now Open

Posted on 27.05.2021

The team at CAVE Academy are extremely excited to be launching our Internship programme and to be kicking things off with Clear Angle Studios.

Artist of the Month: Andrea Panenero

Posted on 01.05.2021

May 2021

Join the CAVE Bootcamp

Posted on 17.04.2021

Live and interactive training from industry professionals

Artist of the Month: Usama Jameel

Posted on 05.04.2021

April 2021

New Look Dev and Lighting Rig Now Available

Posted on 22.03.2021

Maya Character Look Dev and Lighting Turntable Project

Artist of the Month: Kamila Szutenberg

Posted on 07.03.2021

March 2021

March 2021 Masterclasses

Posted on 04.03.2021

We've got a jam-packed month of live Masterclasses to look forward to this March.

Artist of the Month: Jules Darriulat

Posted on 07.02.2021

February 2021

Xsens / CAVE collaboration

Posted on 02.02.2021

We've got a jam-packed month of live Masterclasses to look forward to this February.

February 2021 Masterclasses

Posted on 02.02.2021

We've got a jam-packed month of live Masterclasses to look forward to this February.

Road to Realtime Masterclasses with Unity

Posted on 25.01.2021

With Media and Entertainment Technology Evangelist, Ben Radcliffe

Onset Data Acquisiton Course

Posted on 15.01.2021

With Daniel Gilligan and Rebellion Film Studios

State of the industry and future skills for 2021 Panel Discussion

Posted on 14.01.2021

Guest Panel: Andrew Schlussel, Mark Flanghan, Amy Backwell, Jahirul Amin

Artist of the Month: Saby Menyhei

Posted on 05.01.2021

January 2021

Happy New Year

Posted on 02.01.2021

Resolve to be creative.

Merry Christmas from CAVE

Posted on 26.12.2020

Wishing you all the best over the festive season.

CAVE 2020 Masterclasses Round-up

Posted on 20.12.2020

A huge thanks to the incredible support of the CG and VFX community, who gave up their time to prep and deliver a series of amazing talks.

Dailies Case Study: Ryan Prendergast

Posted on 15.12.2020

Following feedback from industry professionals, find out how Ryan pushed his work from an initial concept to final render.

Artist of the Month: Robin Konieczny

Posted on 05.12.2020

December 2020

CAVE Dailies now supported by DNEG

Posted on 22.10.2020

Have your work reviewed by industry professionals from DNEG

CAVE Dailies now supported by ILM

Posted on 08.10.2020

Have your work reviewed by industry professionals from ILM

CAVE Academy Gives

Posted on 04.10.2020

Helping others through learning and sharing


Posted on 02.10.2020

CAVE Academy recently had the opportunity to support Rebellion with Onset VFX Training for their epic virtual production project, Percival.

Using the Macbeth chart, grey and chrome balls for look dev and lighting

Posted on 30.09.2020

A few personal thoughts on how I go about using the Macbeth chart, grey and chrome balls for calibration.

CAVE Academy on Discord

Posted on 21.09.2020

Join the conversation...

CAVE Studio Environment Overview

Posted on 10.09.2020

How to set up the Studio Environment for turntable renders.

CAVE Shop is now open

Posted on 06.09.2020

The CAVE shop is now open!

Epic MegaGrant

Posted on 23.08.2020

CAVE Academy receives an Epic MegaGrant!

Technicolor PULSE

Posted on 22.08.2020

Join the VES on Thursday 27th August at 4:00pm (BST) for an engaging presentation, demo, panel discussion and Q&A on PULSE features and benefits for your next production.

Multi HDRI Projection

Posted on 24.06.2020

Here is a fantastic tool by Bhavesh Badhkar for projecting multiple HDRIs onto geometry.

“Every light has its own personality”

Posted on 06.06.2020

...and in the words of Jules: “Personality goes a long way”.

Welcome to CAVE Academy!

Posted on 01.05.2020

Hello and a very warm welcome to CAVE Academy.

Onset Training in Jakarta

Posted on 28.02.2020

CAVE Academy were recently invited to visit Lumine Studios in Jakarta, Indonesia to run the Onset Data Acquisition Course.

Monster Challenge Winners

Posted on 27.02.2020

The winners have been announced for the Monster Challenge. Check them out here.

CAVE Academy at BFX Festival

Posted on 25.01.2020

Recent updates here at CAVE Academy for January 2020.