CAVE Programmes 2023

You can now check out our full programme breakdown for 2023.

This year, the focus is on creating and integrating photoreal props for VFX and here is the schedule:

For every button push, we’ll be exploring what happens under the hood, so no random “press this, then that, and hope for the best”. We’ll also push the core skills, so not only will you have the technical know-how, but more importantly, you’ll have the artistic and production-relevant skills allowing you to be a creative thinker and problem solver. So, expect lots of discussion and talks on form, function, colour, light and matter, to accompany the workshops on topology, PBR, HDRIs, AOVs, and so on.

You can take each programme as a standalone, allowing you to focus on a specific stage of the VFX pipeline but if you take all three, you can consider it similar to that of a 1-year postgraduate course, or year 1 and 2 of an undergraduate course, but without the fancy certificate. However, you will get CAVE certification (if you pass of course), which we think is much, much fancier 😉