Shooting Texture and Look Development Reference 1001

This on-demand short course will teach you how to shoot texture and look development reference for VFX, animation and games projects.

Jahirul Amin
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Learn the tools and processes to capture texture and look development reference

This short course, brought to you in collaboration with Clear Angle Studios and Rebellion Film Studios, will cover the process of capturing multi-bracketed texture and look development reference using a full-frame Canon camera, a 24mm, 50mm, and 100mm lens.

We’ll look at how to go about using cross polarization techniques to capture the diffuse component and how you can split out the specular from your captured photography. We’ll demonstrate all of this by shooting a series of props and an environment. We’ll also look at capturing lighting reference to ensure the CG team can rebuild the physical lighting setup in post.

Although during the course, we are using the Canon 5Ds, you should be able to follow along using any DSLR or similar.

Course Details

  • Release Date: 2021.01
  • Type: On-demand
  • Level: Beginner
  • Lessons: 6
  • Duration: 4hr 30mins
  • Format: Video on-demand
  • Assignments: 1
  • Tools: DSLR camera and lenses, PTGui
  • Course Access Time: Lifetime

This hands on course will teach you how to capture reference for texturing and look development purposes

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Lessons in this course

  • 01. Introduction and Studio Shoot Setup

    In this lesson, we will cover the process of capturing texture reference using cross polarization techniques. We will also look at some of the additional reference you can capture that will be valuable to the look development team so they can get a better sense of how the asset materials respond to light.
  • 02. Shooting Textures and Look Development Reference

    Now that we've set up our prop studio, let's run through the process of capturing cross polarised reference of our assets and look development reference.
  • 03. Capturing Look Development Lighting Reference

    With the texture and look dev reference for our props captured, let's look at how to capture the lighting setup to ensure the post team can rebuild the studio setup in post.
  • 04. Shooting Environment Textures

    Shooting in a controlled studio environment is only one type of texture shoot you'll perform, let's now look at how you would go about shooting environment textures under un-controllable lighting.
  • 05. Shooting Textures with a Lightbox

    Sometimes setting up a full studio shoot cannot be possible, so let's look at an alternative method by using a Lightbox for capturing textures.
  • 06. Processing and Testing the Texture Reference

    With our data captured, let's look at how we can go about sorting our photography, processing the data and then testing our reference.
  • 07. Assignment

    Taking what you have learnt from the course, we'd like you to shoot some texture and look development reference for a prop. This includes shooting multi-bracketed polarised and unpolarised photography.

Tutor: Jahirul Amin

CAVE Academy Founder | VFX Teacher

Jahirul Amin is a Computer Animation and Visual Effects Teacher and Consultant. He specialises in designing and delivering courses to create solid and diverse production ready skills in all 3D related departments and across a number of facilities worldwide. His background in academia feeds into his ongoing connections with Universities and Colleges which provide Computer Animation and Visual Effects courses. He is also involved in course and examination design as well as lecturing, running workshops and mentoring.

Course Fee: £49.00

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