Finding your Voice

Guest Panel: Debra Coleman, Hugo Guerra, Michael Morgan, Melinda Ozel

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12.03.2021, at 18:00 GMT
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This week, we step away from the mouse and the keyboard to discuss the important topic of ‘Finding your Voice’.

Within every industry, it is essential to be able to speak up for what you believe is right and to feel your voice is being heard. But speaking out is not always easy. The fear of making mistakes, of being rejected, of being laughed at is very real and considerably impacts creativity and personal development.

During this session, we’ll be speaking with artists from a range of different backgrounds to listen to their experiences and discover how to overcome the fear of speaking out and how to find your voice.



  • Debra Coleman, Business and Personal Coach | VFX Leadership Consultant | Open Frame Coaching
  • Hugo Guerra, Director & VFX Supervisor
  • Michael Morgan, Living an Animated life | Animator | AnimationCoach | Nurishment for the Soul!
  • Melinda Ozel, Expression Scientist & creator of “Face the FACS”

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