Mental Health and Wellbeing

Guest Speakers: Lauren McCallum, Hugo Guerra, Pat Imrie, Robert Andrews, Paul Mellender, Melinda Ozel

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09.04.2021, at 18:00 GMT
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This week we’ll be hosting a panel talk on the important topic of Mental Health and Wellbeing. During the session, we’ll discuss issues such as working conditions, culture, and support for artists.



  • Lauren McCallum (Moderator), Head of European Production at Scanline VFX | D&I Consultant | VES London Board Member
  • Paul Mellender, Artist…and that should be enough, wouldn’t you agree?
  • Hugo Guerra, Director & VFX Supervisor
  • Pat Imrie, VFX Artist and Trainer
  • Melinda Ozel, Expression Scientist & creator of “Face the FACS”
  • Robert Andrews, Head of VFX, Goodbye Kansas London

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