Technicolor PULSE

Guest Speakers: Jeremy Stapleton, Jason T. Morrow, Simon Frame and Cristi Stoica

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27.08.2020, at 16:00 GMT
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Technicolor PULSE is a software solution for centralised and collaborative content management, storage and delivery from anywhere in the world. It has been used on over 100 shows around the world, with over 10PB of data stored worldwide and over 3bn frames rendered in VFX and DI Pulls and returns.

Recent PULSE Credits: The Old Guard, Brave New World, Avenue 5, His Dark Materials, Midway, Greyhound



  • Jeremy Stapleton, Global Head of Software, Technicolor
  • Jason T. Morrow, Senior Producer, Front End Services, Technicolor
  • Simon Frame, VFX Producer
  • Cristi Stoica, VFX Editor


  • An introduction to PULSE – Jason T. Morrow
  • PULSE Demo – Jeremy Stapleton
  • Panel Discussion and Q&A

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