HDRI Studio Set 1003

You can now grab our new HDRI studio set from the CAVE Academy Shop.

This set contains 4 digital studio-based HDRIs (4096 x 2048px) that can be used in any renderer.

  • 2 x 3-point lighting variants
  • 2 x house light variants

The primary HDRIs were generated using the Maya Studio Look Development and Lighting Environment 1003 and Maya Character Look Dev and Lighting Rig 1003. 2 variants have been provided where 001 is more evenly lit and 002 has a bit more contrast.

For the above 2 HDRIs, we’ve provided versions with and without the lights, allowing you to more easily tweak the lighting inderpendently from the background.

Here is an example illustrating how the lights and the background have been independently modified. We recommend doing this in any application that is ACEScg-friendly (for example, Nuke).

Provided with the download, we’ve also included 2 HDRIs with the house lights on. These were mainly rendered for a test but we figured we’d include them in the download. They have a bit of noise as they take a loooong time to render, so you may with to denoise them.

Any questions, issues, etc. please do get in touch. Happy rendering 😉