Maya Character Look Dev and Lighting Rig 1003

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This is a digital character light rig* suitable for look devving small to medium-sized assets. It comes with a series of modelled lights that have been mapped with photographic HDRIs. The setup is very useful when assessing models, textures, look development and rigging ROM tests.


  • File Format: Maya 2023+, MtoA 5.12, Arnold Core, FBX
  • Version: 002
  • Release Date: 2023.06.17


For a more detailed walkthrough on using the setup, please check out this guide here:

What is included?

The light rig has been designed to work with characters. Primarily bipeds, however, you can modify the setup to be suitable for quadrupeds, dragons and monsters. Provided with the setup is a series of physically based lights (modelled to real-world scale where 1 Maya unit = 1cm) mapped with HDRIs. Please note that the environment used in many of the renders below are not included in the download but can be purchased seperately here.

A turntable, colour chart, grey card, grey and chrome sphere have also been provided. You can switch between a large and small reference kit, so you can use the relevant-sized reference when framing your asset.

The lighting/frame sequence for the setup is as follows:

  • Frame 1001: Colour checker chart
  • Frame 1002: Grey card
  • Frame 1003: Grey ball
  • Frame 1004: Chrome ball
  • Frame 1005 – 1017: Asset 360
  • Frame 1018 – 1029: Camera 360**
  • Frame 1030 – 1042: Light Rig 360**

**Please note on some of the renders, the camera 360 and Light Rig 360 frames are reversed (as I was testing something out)

With the setup, you will find 2 light rigs. lightRig001 is more even whereas lightRig002 has a bit more contrast.

Please note that this setup is just the light rig itself, and does not come with the environment asset. You can grab the environment asset here, which has been specifically created to go with this light rig:

Alternatively, you can also drop the light rig into the following environment (or any of your own creation):

Example Renders

Here are some examples using the character light rig when used in conjunction with the Maya Studio Look Development and Lighting Environment 1003 (of which you can purchase seperately).

Plus, if you are looking for amazing statue assets, make sure you check out MyMiniFactory Scan the World, which is where I grabbed the beautiful Venus de Milo scan from.

From Sefki Ibrahim, we have an amazing render of Michael B. Jordan:

Here is a fantastic render of The Batman by Jeran Morales:

Here is a fantastic render of Scarlet Witch from Pedro Costa:


For all licences, you may remix, adapt, and build upon the material in any medium or format, but you cannot resell or share the assets.


Our personal license allows you to use this on your personal projects and non-commercial projects. You may not create training content that you intend to sell or make available via platforms such as YouTube, Patreon, Vimeo, etc. using this license.

Commercial Single Project

This license allows you to use the product for a single project only. If your studio has numerous sites, you may also use the product across all sites (for example, London, Montreal, LA, etc). However, if you are a studio that comprises of a number of different companies (for example, VFX Global > Pixel Crunchers, VFX Global > Pixel Converters), then you will need a licence per individual company.

Commercial Perpetual

This license allows you to use the product across all your projects and across all sites. However, similar to the Single Project license, if you are a studio that comprises of a number of different companies (for example, VFX Global > Pixel Crunchers, VFX Global > Pixel Converters), then you will need a licence per individual company.


If you are an academic institute (university, school, training centre, etc.) looking to provide this product to multiple students, please get in touch to discuss our academic license.



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