• 04. Blocking out the world

    //Tutored by Kaine Shutler
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    In this lesson, we’ll look at further developing the world to and prep the scene ready for blocking out our key frames.

    Create a moodboard following the instructions in the file below. When complete, upload the file through the uploader.


    In this lesson, we will take you through the process of creating an organic model suitable for CG Animation and VFX.

    This lesson covers:

    • The initial asset brief
    • Creating a moodboard and gathering reference
    • Blocking out the asset
    • Creating production-ready topology and UVs
    • Finalising the model for the next stage

    Through practical examples, this lesson will guide you through the modelling process and the tools and techniques that will allow you to work efficiently and effectively.

    When you’re confident you have completed the lesson, navigate over to “Assignments” and follow the given instructions to build your first model. Then upload your assignment to proceed to the next lesson.

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