Maya Look Development and Lighting Props


This is a set of props that should be useful for anyone looking to do any look development and lighting in Maya/Arnold. 2 projects are downloadable in either sRGB (Maya 2018+) or ACEScg (Maya 2022+) colour space.

The set includes:

  • Grey and chrome ball (with and without textures)
  • Textured macbeth chart and slate
  • 2 x reference kit stands (with balls, charts, etc.)
  • Reference scale cube
  • Wooden turntable
  • Plastic turntable
  • Paper roll backdrop
  • Fabric backdrop
  • Floor

Please note, the environment is not included and depending on your version of Maya/Arnold, you may need to rebuild some of the shaders. You can also import the setup to other applications/renderers but will need to update the shaders once again.

File Format: mb, ma (2018+, 2022+), abc, tif, png



A clean slate has been provided so you can add your own details per render.

The Macbeth chart is the ACEScg_ColorChecker2014.exr that has been very kindly provided by colour-science here: ColorChecker2014


CAVE are more than happy for you to use this product for both personal or commercial (this includes training) projects, and you may remix, adapt, and build upon the material in any medium or format, but you cannot resell or share the assets. If you do use the product in any shape or form, it would be great to check out the renders or whatever else you do with the product, and be credited where possible.