Maya Look Development and Lighting Props


This is a set of props that should be useful for anyone looking to do any look development and lighting. The set includes:

  • Grey and chrome ball
  • Textured macbeth chart and slate
  • A stand
  • Wooden turntable
  • Paper roll backdrop
  • Fabric backdrop

Please note, the environment is not included.

File Format: mb, ma (2018+), abc, fbx, tif, png



A clean slate has been provided so you can add your own details per render.

This is an image I captured of a Macbeth chart. If you are matching a real Macbeth chart, I would recommend shooting your own chart and mapping it on to the model or grabbing the ACEScg_ColorChecker2014.exr chart that has been very kindly provided by colour-science here: ColorChecker2014