Studio, Character and Prop Light Rig 1003

You can now grab our new digital studio, character and prop light (1003) from the CAVE Academy Shop.

The idea is to mix and match. For example:

…or you can create your own light rigs using the Studio setup or modify the Character or Prop lighting rigs to suit the needs of your asset.

And later on, we’ll be able looking to release more customised light rigs for quadrupeds, vehicles, etc.


The main digital studio comes with a series of modelled lights allowing you to create your own custom light rigs, but if you’d like to pick something up that is a bit more out-of-the-box, then you can grab the character or prop setup, and drop it into the environment. Then all you’ll have to do is frame your asset, add some depth-of-field to give it some sparkle, and hit render 😉



On each page, you’ll also find an ‘Overview’ video that covers how to use each setup and later on, we’ll add more guided walkthroughs on look devving assets.



To check them out, follow the links below:

Any questions, issues, etc. please do get in touch. Happy rendering 😉