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CAVE Academic Partnerships

This document will run your through our Academic Partnership plan.

How We Got Here

Over the past few years, CAVE Academy has helped a number of universities, colleges and training providers with CG and VFX Training. This has been in the form of one-off Masterclasses, to modules, and sometimes all-year CG training.

Whether a standalone session or a longer body of training, we’ve always taught students the ‘CAVE‘ way. That is by pushing our naming conventions, how we deal with projects and data, our asset and shot workflows, and so on. All of which we are slowly documenting on our Wiki, so the backbone of our training is freely available. The overall aim being that we standardise much of the foundational training content in the field of Computer Graphics.

On the whole, we have found that we are more than often asked to also return to run additional sessions and provide extra support to students as they progress through their academic course.

However, what we’ve found by working with numerous institutes is that there is usually a mis-match in what is being taught internally and how CAVE approaches the creation of CG assets and shots. Sometimes this difference is small but other times, the difference is pretty big.

Building Partnerships

So moving forwards, we are looking to work more closely with educational institutes and incorporate our training courses and curricula into their overall design via Academic Partnerships.

We are looking to do this by making our online pre-recorded content available, along with hosting online workshops and occasionally in-person workshops. We would also provide our datasets, so teachers and students can follow along and educational institutes would have access to high-end VFX and AAA game content.

By doing this, we feel students across numerous educational institutes will receive a more consistent education. And for the academic institutes, as we would be providing the datasets, training material and so on, you would not have to spend time creating and gathering your own material. You would be using the highest quality scan data, film plates, grey, chrome, Macbeth reference, etc.

At CAVE, we are constantly capturing data, so we are not looking to use one dataset for forever. No, we’ll be looking to provide new data on a bi-yearly basis (or sooner where possible). And we’d have numerous props, hero digi-double datasets, shots and so on. So they’ll be a variety of data provided.

As we cannot be onsite full-time for multiple educational institutes, we’ll be encouraging staff development too by running teacher training workshops. This is to ensure the internal academic teaching team is familiar with the data and the latest workflows and methodologies for creating high-end results. This will be in the form of collaborative get-togethers and workshops. Sharing ideas and workflows is important, so we’ll be encouraging this as much as possible. But don’t forget, we’ll still be looking to run a small number of in-person sessions for your students too. In-person training and making connections with your team and the students is our favourite pastime 😉

You can think of CAVE as an extension of your training team, but again, we cannot be onsite all day, every day, and it is important that we state that we are not offering full-time in-person support as part of this package.

Our aim is to provide as much support as we can to ensure your students are provided with the best education and ready for the workplace, and your teaching team are well prepped to deliver this.


So what does this cost to you, the educational institute? 5% *

Historically, we’ve worked to a flat day rate, however, moving forwards, we’ll be switching to a 5% plan.

That is, for the support of:

  • Our online self-study library for students during their academic studies
  • Our training curricula and lesson plans
  • Our high-end datasets
  • Occasional masterclasses and webinars (with guest studio speakers)
  • Our teacher training support
  • Content and Curriculum Design support

…*we’ll be looking to be awarded 5% of the annual student fee. Therefore, if you have a student that pays a yearly fee of £8,000, we’ll be looking to be awarded £400 per annum for that student.

And if you have 20 students in one cohort, each paying £8,000 per annum, then the final annual cost for that cohort would work out like so:

20 students x £8,000 x 0.05 = £8,000

Bespoke Support

Now we understand some institutes may only require support for an individual module as opposed to yearly support, and we’d be happy to discuss this, however, when we narrow the duration of the support down, we’d have limited opportunity to offer certain aspects of the package (such as Masterclasses and webinars, teacher training and Curriculum support). But we are happy to assess the requirements of each user case.


So that’s our plan when it comes to Academic Partnerships. Any questions, please do get in touch either directly or using the form below.

We look forward to continuing our Partnerships.

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