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A bit of information about the CAVE Wiki from what it is to what we hope it will become.

Our Industry Sponsors

Before we dive in and discuss our thoughts on the joys of having a wiki, I just want to give a shout out to our industry sponsors. Their continued support allow us to continuosly create new content and ensure our material is both relevant and forward thinking.

Level 1001 Sponsors

If you are a studio looking to support us, please do get in touch, and if you are an individual who wants to give a helping hand, you can do so here:

Why Have a Wiki?

When pulling CAVE together, the aim was to always share and give away for FREE as much information as we possibly to help students and professionals learn and then share again. Ultimately, to create a collaborative community that continues to grow and grow through the power of education.

There are many courses out there that focus on buzzwords: “modelling”, “real-time”, “virtual production”, “rigging”, etc. and although we’ll also be covering a lot of these buzzwords πŸ˜‰ we also want to dive a lot deeper and cover many aspects that you won’t necessarily find on a standard course, but you would find when working for a studio. For example: naming conventions, dealing with projects, colour management, USD workflows, best practices to create pipe-friendly assets and shots.We’ll also use this space to cover the real fundamentals. For example, what really is a polygon? how does light work? what does raytracing mean?

We also want to create a space that you’ll be able to use to find other amazing sites for reference. For example, have you checked out the CG Cinematography handbook by Chris Brejon:

So in a nutshell, the CAVE wiki is here to help share knowledge, point to knowledge, and teach you the theory, the tools, and the techniques for CG Animation, VFX, games and real-time, all for FREE. The wiki in its current state will be a little light, but give it a few months, years, etc. and hopefully, we’ll have documentation on all stages of the digital pipeline from onset data acquisition to editing and grading.

And if you are interested in helping out, please do get in touch as we are very keen to grow this wiki to be a hugle valuable reource for all.

A quick note, the Browse the wiki section in the image below illustrates what will be the actual page hierarchy for the space. Many of these sections are for the moment hidden. Once we add more and more content, we’ll start to reveal them πŸ˜‰

Training on the Wiki

Although we do offer a range of courses for a fee at CAVE, we understand that for many, being able to pay for a course will not be possible (it sure wasn’t for me as when I started in this field). Therefore as well as offering our paid courses, we’ll try as much as possible to make tutorials and resources (scene files, images, etc.) available for free, so you can work through the content.

For example, check out this tutorial by Ace Ruele:

Please note that the wiki training docs are standalone and not related to the CAVE courses found here:

Pipeline Documentation

Scattered throughout the web and beyond, you’ll find bits and bobs on pipeline, setting up your environment for ACES workflows, etc. The team at CAVE will be working through the digital pipeline to bring much of this content together. This will then allow you to set up your own working environments. We’ll also be referencing the CAVE pipeline in many of our trianing courses.

Project Wiki Pages

We’ll also be hosting our CAVE project docs in the wiki. These docs are intended for students enrolled on CAVE courses, and here you will find information on the project, assets and shots. This will include information such as:

  • Supervisors on the project
  • Project render resolutions and formats
  • Asset briefs
  • Storyboards

For those not enrolled on a course, you may find some docs here are password protected – just to stop you from seeing some project spoilers πŸ˜‰

Support CAVE Academy

Here at CAVE Academy the beauty of giving and sharing is very close to our hearts. With that spirit, we gladly provide Masterclasses, Dailies, the Wiki, and many high-quality assets free of charge. To enable the team to create and release more free content, you can support us here: Support CAVE Academy

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  1. Cyrus3v on 2021.04.07 at 16:19 GMT

    Love this initiative.

    • Jahirul Amin on 2023.08.31 at 09:09 GMT

      Thanks Cyrus3V.

  2. Loki on 2023.08.31 at 08:23 GMT

    This is such a great resource! I wish it was more advertised. Presenting to studios and invite them to also contribute could be a neat idea.
    Thank you!

    • Jahirul Amin on 2023.08.31 at 09:10 GMT

      Thank you Loki. Yes – we are hoping to get more studios involved. All takes a bit of time but I’m sure we”ll get there πŸ˜‰

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