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Development Published File Naming Conventions

All info on this page is work-in-progress

File naming general rules

Here is a general list of rules to adhere to when naming files.

  • All files should start with the project code and should be capitalised. For example: EOT_, OWT_
  • Optional subversion and comments to come after the version. For example: v##_feedback, v##_scene
  • File names can only be composed of letters, numbers, underscores and full stops. No spaces!
  • You can use camelCase if you need more words in a section. For example: bodyReference
  • Frame numbers are always separated by a full stop. For example: _v001.1001, _v001.1002

Scenes, Data, Viewables and Feedback

When publishing content for any department, you will output 3 types of files: Scene, Data and Viewables. The Feedback directory is where you’ll find any notes for the version provided by the supervision team. Here is a breakdown of what data belongs in what directory:

  • Scene: This is the file you are outputting all the data and viewables from. This is a backup file, so we can always go back continue working from it, or someone else can pick up the task for whatever reason (for example, maybe you are on holiday or on sick leave)
  • Data: This is the main data that will be picked up by other departments and passed down the pipeline. Usually USD files, rigs, looks, etc.
  • Viewables: These files (images and movies) will be the result of your work, and are a visual artefact to what the version contains. This could be a model turntable, or a rig ROM test, etc. Please note the render environment should be added in the file name after the version. For example: …v001_studio…, …v001_carPark…
  • Feedback: Here you will find all the feedback files (drawovers, screen captures, etc.). Please note, _feedback should be added before the frame number of filetype. For example, v001_studio_feedback.1001.jpg,

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