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Digi-double Face Capture Guidelines

In this document, we'll look at the the data we are looking to capture during a face capture session and how the data will be used during the asset creation process.

Before we dive in, I just want to give a huge shout out to our collaborative partner Clear Angle Studios for supporting CAVE Academy and allowing us to pop in and capture our datasets.

Face Capture Overview

In this video, our head of Assets, Christopher Antoniou, will run you through the face capture process and the data we obtain from the session. Please note that this does not currently include information regarding the FACS capture session. More to come on that soon.

Face Marker Placement Guidelines

If you are planning to capture multiple face shapes, we highly recommend you place a series of extremely small dots on the face to make the alignment process much smoother. Please note that it is important to shoot all your texture references beforehand. This will ensure you have a series of clean reference images without the markers. The dots do not need to be huge, and they have been ever so slightly exaggerated in these images.

Here is a breakdown of where we’ll be placing dots on a face, allowing us to more easily track the mouth, the eyes, the brows, forehead, cheeks and neck.

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