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Canon EOS C300 Mark II

Here we will look at setting up the Canon EOS C300 Mark II.


Here we will look at setting up the Canon EOS C300 Mark II. We’ll be drawing heavily from the Netflix best practices for the camera, which you can find here:

The settings have been configured for projects to be finalised for HDR but you can also configure the settings to be suitable for SDR.

Camera Settings

We’ll be shooting in 4K RAW and in Canon LOG 2. To set these up, go:

Custom Picture (CP)

  • Preset: Canon Log 2 : C Gamut

Recording/Media Setup

  • System Frequency: 24.00 Hz
  • REC OUT 4K RAW Mode: 4K RAW
  • 4K RAW Color Space: Cinema Color
  • Recording Mode: Normal Recording
  • Frame Rate: 24P
  • Resolution/Color Sampling: 4096×2160 YCC422 10 bit

Assistance Functions: LUT

  • LUT > Activate: On
  • LUT > MON. & HDMI (2K): BT.2020
  • LUT > REC OUT (2K): BT.2020
  • LUT > LCD & VF: BT.709

Assistance Functions: Markers

  • Markers > Activate: On
  • Markers > Center: Black
  • Markers > Horizontal: Off
  • Markers > Grid: Gray
  • Markers > Aspect Marker: Black
  • Markers > Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1

Additional Settings

We are also shooting with a base ISO of 800 and with a 180.00 shutter angle (or 1/48).

Onset Monitoring

For onset monitoring, we are using the EIZO ColorEdge CG318 31 inch 4K IPS monitor and we have set the Color Mode to DCI by going:

  • Menu > Color: DCI


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