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Creating a Neutral Look Development Environment

In this doc, we'll run you through the core ideas are reasons why it is important to create a neutral look development lighting setup for the purposes of asset creation. Following on from this, we'll walk you through the steps to create your very own setup.

01. Introduction

We’ll kick things off by discussing the purposes of creating a neutral look development environment and how it can support your asset creation process.

…and what we are aiming for is something along these lines. For this example, we’ve been provided with a fantastic model of a cyberNinja by the extremely talented artist, Burjis Shroff.

02. Creating the Environment

Now that we understand why it is useful to create a neutral look dev environment, let’s build the stage to house our light rig.

03. Creating the Neutral Light Rig

With the environment in place, let’s create the light rig and calibrate our setup, so we are ready for the task of look development.

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