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TCP.S01 Project Software and Pipeline

How we will be pushing data through TCP pipeline and the software we'll be using.

TCP Pipeline

For this project, we’ll be sticking with the CAVE CG Animation pipeline.

Below you will find what applications/versions we will be using at each stage. This project will primarily use Maya as the backbone for the project, Arnold for rendering and Nuke for compositing. We’ll then be using Houdini for the majority of CFX and FX tasks, and Unreal for any real-time or Virtual Production related tasks.

Software Versions

Season One (2024)

Here is a breakdown of the versions we’ll be using for the project:

  • Adobe Suite:
  • Arnold:
  • Flix:
  • Houdini:
  • Mari:
  • Maya: 2024
  • Mush 3D:
  • Nuke:
  • Resolve:
  • Shotgun:
  • Substance Painter:
  • Substance Designer:
  • Unreal:
  • WrapX:
  • Zbrush:

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