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Submitting your work for review to CAVE Dailies

This page will guide you through the steps to submit your work to CAVE Dailies for review.

Submitting your work for review

Submitting to CAVE Dailies is fairly straightforward. At this stage, you should have a Shotgun account that has been created for you.

Start by heading over to the Dailies you’d like to submit your work too. Make sure to check the date.

Please note, our Dailies sessions kick off at 20:30 GMT and to ensure your work has been uploaded for a chance to be reviewed, you’ll need to submit your work by 17:00 GMT.

When you land on the page, you’ll find a SUBMIT TO DAILIES button.

Click on this and this should take you to the Shotgun/CAVE homepage (, where you’ll need to log in. From there, you should be directed to the Shotgun playlist for the session.

Click on the Add Version button to then upload your work for review. Please note: mp4s and jpegs are best, and if you have a series of images for review, it is best to create an mp4 out of them, so we can scrub through them frame-by-frame.

When submitting your work, make sure to add a clear Description and your name so we can have a bit of clarity on what you are looking for feedback-wise. If you have multiple images to submit, try to turn them into a video, so we can easily jump from one frame to the next.

Hit Create Version and that’s it. You should then see your submission in the playlist.

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