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Character: Oni

Asset information for the character, Oni.

Asset requirements

Client Asset NameOni
CAVE Asset Nameoni
DescriptionThis will be a hero asset and will be need to be suitable for extreme close up shots and will require a number of minor damage states.
Asset Typecharacter
Asset Path…/TOTRS/asset/chr/oni
Asset Stage RequirementsModel, Texture, Look Development, Groom, Rigging (Anim, Mocap), Tech Rigging (Costume, Hair, Muscle)
Base MeshPlease use the caveMan base mesh and maintain topology and UVs
LOD Requirements0, 1, 2
Build for DeformationYes
Build for SimulationYes
Build for DestructionNo
Costume RequirementsSamurai costume and weapon props
Damage StatesYes – more info coming soon
MeasurementsHeight – 198cm
Scan DataNo
Concept and Moodboard ReferenceSee below
Model ReferenceComing Soon
Texture ReferenceComing Soon
Look Dev ReferenceComing Soon
Rigging ReferenceComing Soon
Asset Render SceneComing Soon
Contact Sheet ReferenceComing Soon



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