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Working with the Material Development Light Rig 1003

Here we will present a workflow for creating a library of materials to kickstart your look development process.


This workflow will allow you to develop a series of presets that you can share with the team to ensure consistency across the creation of your materials.

If you’d like to get hands on with the Material Development Light Rig 1003, you can find it here:

Overview of the MatDev Setup

Here, we’ll look at giving you an overview of the MatDev setup, so you can be confident using the setup for your material creation process.

Creating some Preset Materials for our Asset

In this video, we use a combination of Maya and Substance Painter to create a series of preset materials for our asset.

Reviewing our Preset Material Renders

With our preset materials rendered, let’s review them before we move onto our asset.


Here are some further examples demonstrating the usage of the MatDev setup, this time, using additional elements to check things in context.

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