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Working with the Prop Light Rig 1003

In this document, we'll cover a workflow to work with small-sized assets. This will include creating turntables for models, matdev, texdev and finally look dev turntables for supervisor and client reviews.


Here we will look at how to go about working with the prop light rig when it comes to reviewing models, textures and materials.

If you’d like to get hands on with the Prop Light Rig 1003, you can find it here:

Prepping the Asset

Rendering a Model Turntable

Here, we’ll look at creating a model turntable using the prop setup.

Add Ankur Render!

Creating a MatDev v001 Pass

Outputting our Preset Textures from Painter

Applying our Textures to our Asset and Rendering a MatDev v002 Pass

Tweaking our Materials and Rendering a Look Dev v001 Pass


Here are a selection of renders from a fantastic set of artists.

This dragon asset was created by Christopher Antoniou and the robot by Glenese Hand.

Check out this amazing Major Chip Hazard asset from the movie Small Soldiers, created by the extremely talented 3D Generalist, Daniel Bates.

And the red robot once again, this time created by Yadnyesh Dalvi:

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